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          Aien 艾恩電子





          Company Introduction:

          寧波艾恩電子有公司 于2010年成立,坐落于中國港口之都寧波余姚。公司致力于稱重傳感器、稱重控制儀表、各類重量限制器、稱重控制系統、吊秤的開發、生產、銷售為一體的綜合技術型企業。

          Ningbo AIEN Electronics Co., Ltd. founded in 2010, is located in Yuyao, Ningbo- the capital of China Ports. AIEN aims to be the integrated technology enterprise with R&D, production and sales, for weighing load cell, weighing indicator, various weighing load limiter, weighing control system, crane scale, etc.


          AIEN production area covers about 5000 square meters, running one-step production line from machining, R&D, to production for indicators and load cells. AIEN has more than 100 staff, including more than 20 management and engineers. Over the years, AIEN focus on the investment to R&D, production and quality system. AIEN products have widely application in weighing scales, construction machines, high-speed rails, electric power, ports, metallurgy, chemical, warehousing, tobacco, special vehicles and other industries, and receive ongoing positive feedback from clients.

          公司已通過高新企業認證、余姚市企業工程中心;已通過ISO9001-2008質量管理體系認證,傳感器通過防爆認證,重量限制器取得360噸以下應用資格,且部分產品已通過OIML國際法制計量組織認證并取得證書;儀表類產品通過CE, RoHS認證。

          AIEN has passed High New Technology Cooperation, Engineering center in Yuyao city, ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification, explosion-proof certification for load cell, application qualification for weighing load limiter below 360 tons, certifications from “International Organization for Legal Metrology(OIML)” for certain products, CE and RoHS certification for indicators.

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