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          RAYCOH 銳科智能





          成都銳科軟控科技有限公司RAYCOH)位于四川省成都電子信息產業功能區。 公司由從事多年電子研究工作的專家教授鼎力技術支持。團隊成員平均年齡35歲左右。 為工業4.0及智能制造提供高品質的智能傳感器產品和自動化解決方案。

          RAYCOH銳科智能提供超聲波傳感器 - 測距傳感器、液位傳感器、料位傳感器、距離傳感器、位移傳感器、移動設備防撞系統、工業自動化控制系統等產品。公司擁有完整、科學的質量管理體系。 RAYCOH銳科智能的誠信、實力和高品質的產品獲得業界的認可和好評。

          RAYCOH originated in Chengdu, China. The headquarter located in Chengdu High-Tech area(west,by side of Foxconn Chengdu).

          We are supported by experts and professors who has been engaged in electronic field for decades.The average age of the team members is about 35 years old. They are passionate, efficient, and sharp-minded.

          RAYCOH provides ultrasonic sensors- level sensors, distance sensors, displacement sensors and anti-collision systems for mobile devices. RAYCOH has a complete and scientific quality management system. RAYCOH's integrity, strength and high-quality products have been recognized and praised by the industry.

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