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          Huba Control 富巴





          瑞士富巴公司(Huba Control AG)成立于1945年,是一家全球領先的、專門研發和生產銷售壓力傳感器、流量傳感器和壓力開關的高科技公司。獨特的厚膜陶瓷測量芯片技術使我們生產出的壓力傳感器在微弱壓力范圍內具有優秀的長期穩定性,這一技術已被各行各業認可。

          近60年以來,瑞士富巴公司一直致力于壓力傳感技術的研究,產品涵蓋壓力傳感器芯片、壓力傳感器和流量傳感器,可被廣泛運用于樓宇系統智能管理、燃氣鍋爐、制冷、白色家電、液壓系統、和工業自動化。每年有數百萬個瑞士富巴公司的壓力開關,壓力傳感器和流量傳感器被用于暖通空調,工業控制和汽車等行業。集中精力于壓力測量技術使得瑞士富巴能夠開發出眾多富有創意的新產品。同時,我們掌握了復雜的自動化生產程序, 使生產的每道工序都被優化到最佳狀態是我們一個核心優勢。 根據不同產品數量,合理安排全自動、半自動、部分自動化生產線,使得我們長期能夠保持較短的生產周期。


          2020年中國融信聯盟旗下一家全球化私募股權投資機構-智路資本,擁有了瑞士富巴的實際控制權。2021年瑞士富巴將在成都高新區投入建設中國工廠,以及在上海成立商務辦事處??煽吭从谌鹗恐?,改變著眼中國之新 - 我們不斷努力與客戶保持良好的合作伙伴關系,并且給各位合作伙伴提供最前沿、真正具有競爭力的解決方案。智路資本也將全力支持瑞士富巴實現全球業務增長的目標。

          Founded in 1945, Huba Control AG develops, manufactures and markets components designed exclusively for the measurement of pressure and flow.  Huba has invested in a technology with opportunities: thick-film ceramic measuring cells, which allow us to produce transmitters with long term stability for very fine measurement in the Pascal range. This technology has been proven on millions of sensors in many different applications.

          The in-house chip design capability, and over 20 years’ experience in the use of ceramic technology in combination with the excellent electronic design allows the production of innovative pressure transmitters. The products are proven millionfold in various applications.  A key strength is our mastery of complex automated routines, including automatic calibration, manufacture of one-off products and large-scale production runs, and the maintenance of short throughput times.

          The target market for Huba pressure and flow measurement technology is divided

          into several sectors based upon application as special pressure sensors for Industrial automation or components for gas boilers, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) , hydraulic system, and automotive industry. Huba Control is the market leader in the GAS BOILER and HVAC sectors. Sales engineers at the headquarters in Switzerland, in our own branch offices in China, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Netherlands as well as representatives all over the world guarantee the optimum in technical advice.

          We pay special attention to fostering our ability to work in partnership with our customers to achieve cost-efficient complete solutions in line with the needs of the market. At the same time, Huba pressure switches, sensors and transmitters make an important contribution to the preservation of our natural energy resources and the reduction of pollution.

          Wise Road Capital Acquires Swiss Sensor Specialist Huba Control in 2020 and intends to support Huba Control in its global growth ambitions.

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